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Mystic Reverie


Tranquil shades of blue form the backdrop for this calming, subtly serene piece. What adds an unexpected, mystical quality of surprise, however, are the genuine Swarovski® crystals, artfully arranged on canvas to provide a quiet glimmer of unsuspecting magic. Viewed from different angles you will find that no two views are the same due to variations in how each crystal captures – then casts back – light to the viewer’s eye.  To be sure, a view from one angle will be different from another.  Even more entrancing is the idea that, as each crystal casts its own scintillating sparkle according to your motion, the canvas appears to “wink” at you, in rhythmic reflection of your movements.


-BWPryor Fine Art





Original Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 40" x 1.5"



Room Views

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