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Mélange Poivre et Sal


French for salt and pepper, the addition of “Poivre et Sal” to the artist’s Mélange series adds a sprightly supplement to an already fascinating array of work in this series.  Characterized by the artist’s exceedingly thick application of paint (the “impasto” technique), shades of black and white stand independent but also intermingle together to form a backdrop that is at once neutral and yet palpable in its vibration.  The artist’s use of non-traditional tools like a putty knife rather than a paint brush allows multiple variations of color to load at one time onto the blade, enabling unpredictable and fascinating form and color combinations as the blade spreads across the canvas. The heavy application of paint is the artist’s hallmark style for this series, creating three-dimensional texture to the work, adding interest and intrigue to the viewer’s experience.


-BWPryor Fine Art




Original Acrylic on Canvas, 48" x36" x 1.5"




Room Views

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