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Mélange de Brise Mer


This work from the Mélange series was given the French name for “Sea Breeze” because, with its sand-and-sea color palette, it was designed with the seashore in mind!  The warmth of sun-kissed hues of tan, russet and auburn intermingle with a range of azure blues to evoke a seaside frame of mind.  The artist uses a heavy application of paint by way of a putty knife, rather than a paint brush, to create her hallmark style that journeys beyond a two-dimensional painting to that of a tactile, three-dimensional work, manifest with brush strokes that are almost sculptural in appearance.  Let your walls transport you seaside with this piece, both as a focal point and backdrop to your beach-inspired décor!

-BWPryor Fine Art




Original Acrylic on Canvas, 48" x 24" x 1.5"




Room Views

Close-Up Views

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