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Contours  II


The interplay of tonal hues of indigo and aubergine make for a moving, three-dimensional experience with this piece. The canvas erupts in sinuous peaks and valleys that form the stage for a wide and varied spectrum of color filled with emotion – a veritable composition of “moody blues.”  The peaks that erupt from the surface are capped off with the shimmer of metallic silver, imbuing the composition with a palpable radiance.  In trademark style, BWPryor uses the canvas to journey beyond the traditional, two-dimensional painting, preferring instead to engage the viewer’s senses in a three-dimensional experience.  Your walls will instantly become a focal point and conversation piece with this emotionally undulating, 3-D composition of color with texture.


-BWPryor Fine Art



Original Mixed Media on Canvas, 20" x 16" x 1.5"



Room View

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