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The finished iteration of this work continues to excite the artist, herself, to this very day, not only because of the warmth that emanates from the honeyed hue of its foundation as it spreads across the canvas, but also because of the excitement engendered by flashes of vermilion and persimmon that fire the imagination, grounded by shades of idigo.  With emotional gradations of hue, “Basal” was so named because the colors represented most prevalently are, in their most basic and rudimentary form, the “primary” colors of red, yellow and blue – which are the foundation of the perennial artist’s Color Wheel. As most artists and professional “colorists” will attest, it is these three colors that form the basis upon which every other color that the human eye can conceive is formed.


With careful attention to proper lighting, this work will engage the viewer in a captivating “visual conversation.”  (Curiously, without proper lighting, this "visual conversation” dulls precipitously, and even shuts down.)  As with moth to flame, the eye is drawn closer and invited to remain, as it lingers unaware, fixated upon the serendipitous juxtaposition of disparate states of repose and yet commotion.  Let this dynamic piece imbue your space with its compelling energy and vigor!



-BWPryor Fine Art




Original Acrylic on Canvas, 48" x 36" x 1.5"



Room View

Gallery View

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